Getting it all right!

Ive looked at businesses for many years and constantly see the same thing. They often do one thing reasonably well, perhaps the product, but let them selves down in everything else and thats where customers may come in once, but dont return. Getting it right is for every business owner and anyone that has recently gone into business themselves, if you dont know what you dont know, you simply wont see the mistakes.

Image is everything!
First impressions count and are everything and regardless of whether its you, your team or your place of business an impression will be made in the first 30 seconds or less resulting in you losing or keeping the customer!

Its the little things that make a big difference to small business its important to make sure you "standout" from the rest!

In this short 3 hour seminar, you'll find out exactly what your business must have to standout form the competition!

Staff: Recruitment, training, engagement.
If there's one thing that frustrates more small business owners over everything else, its handling their staff. The recruitment, selection, training and ongoing reward and motivation, are some of the most time consuming parts of running a business. But it is something that must be done and done well, otherwise you seriously risk damaging your business through poorly selected or badly trained staff and if they aren't engaged in the role, their damaging the business!

Sales  Success!
We're all in sales. And if anyone in your team thinks otherwise your probably losing business! For over 20 years, I have recruited, trained and managed sales teams and there's two things I know in particular!

1: Anyone can sell and 2: Its numbers!

But you need to follow a process. Most businesses fail in sales because there simply isn't a system.  Client acquisition is a constant process.Everyone in the business needs to know what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly to ensure there is a constant flow of new business. Sales Success is the first step to developing that process in just three hours!

Building better businesses!

The first part about knowing how to build a great business, one that at some point doesnt rely on you to keep it going, is understanding how to maximise the potential. When you get that, you start to think differently about every aspect of the business, how it operates in every area, the future and the business value. It shouldnt be just a job! Its all about maximising the potential, not accepting what walks in.

Customer experience is  customer service!
A business will lose clients for basically one reason! The client believed you didn't care!
Once you have a client, you just want to hang onto them! Far too many businesses don't understand the basics of not just customer service, but wanting to deliver a great customer experience.
Attitude, acknowledgment,  product knowledge, attention to detail, followup and much more are the simple things that most businesses miss and the reason business loose clients! Customer experience is three hours of full of customer experience tips

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Planning, knowing where your going and getting there!

Its a fact, that less than 20% of all businesses, do some kind of planning! Is a coincedence then, that 80% of small to medium sized businesses fail in their first five years and of the balance, 80% of them fail in the second fine! If you understand that fact, then you would get the importance of business planning. It doesn't need to be war and peace, a single page will do it, but knowing where your going, how you will do it and how often you'll review, is key to building a better business.

Marketing for small business.

Every business needs to do some marketing, but most small business simply wont spend or cant justify the money, well you cant afford not too. And you dont need to spend a small fortune either. Small to medium sized business have to do at least the basic fundamentals that their competitors have and more, creative and low cost marketing is possible, but its about making marketing and advertising work for you, so you actually get a return on your investment!

get smart now

Product perfection!

Its been said, that perfection isn't possible! But maybe we can come really close. Regardless of what your business makes, sells or does, constantly looking at your product or service so that it stands out as the industry leader in your field should be the overall objective, not the price. Ongoing feedback, asking clients, prospects, staff and associates of how you could improve is an important factor in building a business that keeps customers coming back time again. Together with an image that clients want to be part of, a sales and service system that others cant compete with, engaged staff and a marketing and business plan that builds a systemised business that doesn't rely on the owner alone!