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The Orangeprint is just the start!

We are building a series of tools to help small to medium sized businesses get a much better result, our Lrangeprint is just one of those tools that assist any business to complete a basic review of a number of key aspects of how their business performs so they can identify areas of improvement.


Business planning is another area. We're aware that less than 20% of all businesses go through any formal planni process and maybe that's why 90% of all businesses actually fail!

We are in the process of developing the simplest business planning processes ever developed. Add in the numbers, where you want to go, a couple of the key objectives and it's done. Print off to carry around, review and update whenever.

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Whats orange, well its short for the "orangeprint" (A blueprint, just orange!)

The first thing that any business needs to do, before it prepares or plans for growth, is review whats going on, we call it the orangeprint! Its a 10 X 10 checklist review of the key parts of your business, what you do well, what you don't and what could be improved! Where the potential lies.

The objective is to identify all those areas and prioritise what are the most important parts (and its all important) and start the journey to business growth!