About Erwin Brem & Get Smart Now

Get Smart Now is a business training "hub" working with small to medium sized businesses, identifying where they require assistance and then providing them with tools through training to give them every chance of success.

With over 28 years experience in running two successful small businesses, the last for 22 years and dealing with profitable small businesses, I know what makes businesses successful and what doesn’t. There are too many common themes, too many common oversights, and too many reoccurring lessons learn't that need to be shared.

Throughout my business focused career I now know what works well, what doesn't work well and what needs to be done.

As well as recruiting, training and managing both sales and customer service teams, I have worked with thousands of small to medium sized business over the years and I have simply seen far too many 'potentially successful' small businesses go down, simply because they couldn't see where they were going wrong, or weren't doing – which is why GSN is here to help.

Get Smart Now, business training thats different!

  • Our training is to the point!
  • 2 to 3 hour sessions. Morning or afternoon.
  • No fill, all relevant skills and knowledge training
  • All training is followed up, to ensure skills learnt are used
  • All attendees become part of our GSN partner network, even more business opportunities.
  • Everyone leaves with tools, notes and system checklists that make implementing the new skills, easy!
  • Our objective is to build long term relationships with our GSN partners, their managers and staff, to build successful growing businesses!

Why you should choose GSN:

  • You acknowledge the importance of training
  • Your business needs new and proven tools and ideas
  • You want to update your knowledge and skills
  • You are looking for a quality training program that will support your needs
  • You are looking for a career change
  • Your business needs improving in particular areas
  • Your business needs solutions!

GSN clients include:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Start up managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Employees
  • Individuals who simply want to develop and grow!

Get Smart Now at a glance!

"Building a successful business is about two things!"

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get smart now

    1: Understanding the potential and maximising every aspect of the business to give it every opportunity to achieve it!

    2: Skills. Without simple basic skills, business owners, team leaders and our staff don't know what they don't know!

Stop thinking "today" only, start thinking about the longer term and watch your business grow!

90% of all businesses fail, and that probably means that 90% of people that work in businesses fail. People start jobs, they don’t get trained well enough, they aren’t managed, then they fail and move onto another job and probably do it all again. Whose fault is it? It’s everyone’s, the employer and the employee. Everyone has a role to play.

But the question is, what’s the result your wanting out of the job, or the business? Im guessing like most people, you want the best possible result, but just aren’t prepared to put the extra work in to get that result and that’s that bit that has to change. From both a business and an employee perspective, we need to start thinking that it’s not about doing the bare minimum to get a result, but its about maximising performance and activity in 2017 to get a better result.

I find this a really interesting topic. I’ve worked with hundreds of sales people over the last few decades and I can honestly say I’ve never come across one (not a single one) that’s not capable of earning in excess of $100,000 plus a year, but they don’t. The old 80/20 rule is true, and that is that only around 20% will actually get the result they want and even they could do so much more and easier, if they thought a little differently about how they did what they did.

It’s exactly the same for businesses and their owners. Most people will just get back to work in January and start doing the same thing again and will get to the end of the year and wonder why they didn’t do better. They may blame the economy, talk about the annoying competition out there this year, or anything and everything else…but they wont mention the way they do what they do.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what business you’re in, what franchise you’re a part of, whether you’re a tradie, in retail, a professional, in hospitality or manufacturing. Every industry is the same, and unfortunately everyone makes the same mistakes. It all boils down to eight key elements that don’t change, but these eight things will get you a much better result: To read more click here.