Training, skills, systems.


To effectiveley market your business, you don't to spend a fortune, you just need to do it.

Product perfection!

Its said you can't achieve perfection, but you can get close.


If you don't know where your going, how will you get there?


The complete Build a better business program, is a 12 month program that incorporates all eight key elements of building a better business. Contact us for details. info@getsmartnow.com.au

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Customer service is all about experience!

Once you have them, keep them, its all about service!

Better people = better business!

Starting a business is usually the easy part - however keeping your business profitable is quite often a very different story. The truth of the matter is most business owners are good at doing the "job" they started (ie. working with numbers, taking great photos, cutting hair, flower arranging etc) but they occasionally miss the fundamentals of everything else, which determine the success of their business!

  • The importance of Marketing
  • The impact of Image
  • Interacting and dealing with People - Customer service
  • Planning is key
  • The value of Sales
  • And your biggest asset is your Staff

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Build a better business, the program
Everyone wants a better business, but not everyone knows how to get that result.

There are eight key elements that will overall help any business get a much better result, structure every key aspect to work towards continuous improvement and develop a management and system process to train and develop key people in your team. That's how you grow a business!

It's not simply about throwing more money at advertising and marketing, it's about getting everything right, because most people simply don't do what's needed to build a better business. In fact it's the things that businesses don't do, that stop the success you want.

The Build a better business program, is delivered in a monthly workshop live or via webinar fortnightly. It includes support, followup material and action guide, as well as hard copies of each workshop, that build into the Build a better business workbook. A resource that you can refer back to again and again.

Get Smart Now is more than just training though. It's a complete business hub and network, that adds much more to your business including additional contacts that will turn into customers, events and marketing opportunities. 

GSNplus is also about ensuring you have access to everything you will ever need, through the connections within the GSN partner network.

To build a better business, you need better people, better ideas and training that gets a result and that's exactly what the Build a better business program does.


Build a better business


To build a better business, you need better skilled people!

business training that's different!




Image is everything.

If you want to attract customers in the first place, standout!


This is where it starts and ends. Training, reward and recognition!

Sales success.

Everyone is in sales, we needs a system of continuous client growth.

The real problem with most small businesses is, they don't know what they don't know!  They don't know the potential of what their business is capable of. And that takes training!

Business owners want to take the pain out of training! We need staff with skills to attract, service and work in our businesses, as if it was theirs.

We do it all for you. Whether its new staff, long term, new leaders, or you!

Short, concise and to the point training courses designed to provide you and your team with tools and concepts to implement in your day to day roles immediately
, that actually make a difference.


get smart now

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